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Adult female sex toy how to use
- Mar 13, 2017 -

1, sex toy should not be shared by many people, to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and other infections of inflammation, so health work;
2, should be thoroughly cleaned before being used, soak in hot water in addition to clean and help to pull it close to body temperature, using naturally more comfortable;
3, stimulation of the clitoris is best to use some lubricant and stimulating a local avoid too long, so as not to damage the skin or Mucosa, local is best when there is inflammation or damage do not use;
4, the use of masturbation also to guard against leakage of AC power.
Since ancient times female masturbation, female masturbation history is long, and people already know how to use all kinds of masturbation tool. In the Expo exhibition, we can see a variety of female masturbation devices unearthed hundreds of even thousands of years ago, from the development of these tools, as can be seen from ancient female masturbation changes. There are even homemade female masturbation devices, such as a wooden phallus-like masturbation, delicate workmanship, realistic, can be placed in ordinary bed pillows, ease of accessibility, is also very interesting.