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Delay spray application method
- Mar 13, 2017 - the Glans
Clean the penis, especially the Glans to prevent dirt absorption effect of Glans, Glans after washing, dry or dry it with a towel.
2.spray solution
Solution sprayed on the Glans, and the Coronal Sulcus, the penis can also be appropriate spray.
3.massage absorption
Massage promotes absorption. After spraying, it is recommended that massages the Glans and the penis in order to fully absorb the active ingredients. So can more effectively enhance the effect.
4.impatient eat hot tofu
After spraying, you have to wait 30 minutes, and then use venery but, otherwise the effect will be greatly reduced.
In addition, if you want to perform oral sex, it is best to spray 10 minutes after cleaning the penis, does not affect the result.