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Love love oil how to clean
- Mar 13, 2017 -

In General, the lubricant can be divided into 4 main types according to their characteristics, including water soluble human lubricant, Silicon resin body lubricant, petroleum human body lubricants and oil lubricants. Among them, the water soluble lubricant is mainly composed of water, can be used with latex condoms, not easy to cause allergies; the main components of silicone lubricant for silicone, waterproof performance, and longer hours than water soluble lubricants; mainly composed of mineral oil or petroleum oil lubricants are made primarily for male masturbation and sodomy. Because it can dissolve LaTeX, it absolutely cannot be used with latex condoms; oily lubricants dissolve latex condoms, and it is not easy to decompose in the vagina may cause vaginal inflammation.
Cleaning of lubricants, different kinds of lubricants different methods for cleaning the human body. Water soluble lubricants during sex is over, like bath water and shampoo wash, preferably warm water and SOAP after cleaning dry with a towel, water soluble lubricant is particularly easy to clean and easier to use. Due to water soluble lubricant functions, high efficiency, so it become a therapist sexual partner is the most respected and experienced lubricant type.

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