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Out of the misunderstanding of adult products
- Mar 13, 2017 -

When looking at the animation, the Japanese drama, has seen such a scene: man of the House came home, his wife wearing a sexy naked apron, said softly: "honey, eat, take a shower, or to eat me? "This sentence reminded how many men desire. Unconsciously, adult products have entered our lives, but still exists in the mindset of the people misunderstanding.
Myth: adult products are consumer goods, only a few people will try.
In fact, this problem is the reason for many entrepreneurs to stop the industry, although the Chinese are more traditional and conservative, but after years of exercise of market economy and the impact of international trends, more and more consumers have become concerned about these products and the formation of a repeat purchase. According to 2015 consumption of adult products market of more than 200 billion.