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Sex how long time the most healthy
- Mar 13, 2017 -

"Sexual frequency = number of first age X9". One-time American sexologist in China Forum published his findings, results show, all those present in an uproar.
According to this a formula projections, a in 20 age paragraph (20 age to 29 age) of people, he (she) of sex formula for 2x9=18,18 can as is 10 and 8 of combination, that is for he (she) of sex frequency for 10 days within had 8 times sex life; a in 30 age paragraph (30 age to 39 age) of people, he (she) of sex formula for 3x9=27, that he (she) for in 20 days within had 7 times sex life.
Experts survey summed up the experience formula, until now there is not much meaning of laboratory scientific basis, is just a formula for people to reference. Formulas are the same, sexual frequency according to the individual's physical condition, emotion, love, etc.
Healthy sex age and frequency
Number of sex is not fixed, it varies depending on the person's age, State of health, different kinds of people, the number of sex is not the same. As pigment female by cloud: "people 20 who, 4th a relief; 30 who, 8th a relief; 40 who, 16th a relief; years 50 who, 21st a relief; years 60 who, month a relief" with medical of constantly development, people more awareness to control sex need specific situation specific analysis, sex of standard is after second days no fatigue sense, full, and mood happy. Younger, able-bodied persons, can be three or four times a week sex, or even a day at a time, older and frail people is abstinence, such as once a week, half a month, or even once a month.