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Sex toys is a luxury, passion is the catalyst that gender relations
- Mar 13, 2017 -

According to the survey data show that people's acceptance of sex toys in the rising number of couples or couples buy sex toys to increase sex appeal. "Some 50% couples in Shanghai tried adult products, about half of them were feeling ill, and a few people were injured, overuse, misuse, product quality is a major problem," family planning Outreach Center said Li Jian, head of the Navy, couples adult life is not to try, but the selection of qualified regular product is necessary to prevent injury. To make it more comfortable to use, many users are willing to spend a little more money, buy high visibility, high quality products. According to Shoop Shoop spice Mall daily sales data, the proportion of users who purchase high-end products is growing.
"Sex toys in this industry or not, to what must be done to have the grades, the grade can lead to more purchases of goods, viewed as luxury sex toys to stand out in this industry. "Beauty founder Shoop Shoop said. Shoop Shoop spice Mall beauty scored early in the establishment "of foreign sex toys CHANEL," said--branding agency of the Swedish LELO, its product is exquisitely, user-friendly features, coupled with luxurious design, favored by many young couples.

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