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Vibrators with the correct open
- Mar 13, 2017 -

X with the vibrator directly into the Tao does not point directly to insert/stick, of course when I was ignorant, so did results get themselves hurt. Before using the vibrator, I would give myself an imaginary space (in fact, imaginary), lying on the bed, close your eyes and imagine some sexy pictures, then move your hands in the upper body to go up and down, like a soft silk scarves. Then open the vibrator, can be adjusted to the lowest frequency, in the neck, arms, nipples, hips continued to gently walk. Not just vibration stimulation, combined with stimulating way to gently stimulate the thigh root, rather than direct stimulation. Imagination stimulation, mild stimulus when the recommended approach circle, which would be more comfortable. This process is long, the accumulation of more pleasure. Until the desired bean beans, irritate sensitive parts, we recommend you use press the stimulation mode, press-while-shake, more interesting than just vibration. Directly stimulate the sensitive x vibration stimulation directly to the sensitive parts of the numbness and pain, must be without worry, feel lied to. After a series of foreplay, this time following some moist, you can stick a vibrator/. Less experienced girls, or even wet vibrator dry, you can put a condom on vibrator to increase lubrication, or Yin/crossing and vibrator topped with lubricant. Maximum vibration stimulation directly x insert/get in this process, I will turn off the vibration. After insert, open vibration, frequency from low to high. Even if the body into the excited state, nor open to the maximum frequency. Maximum stay in yet! First in small frequency stimulated with vibrator/plug-pulling, more excited, increase frequency to vibrate to stimulate. Feel that tipping point is coming, they can increase the frequency. But I'm going to miss that point, did not want to distract, and usually when I clamped my legs, or other ways to make the body more, feel more stimulus. Single position using a vibrator x girls is hard to achieve orgasm, so when using a vibrator, to exchange more positions. Different poses of the stimulation points are different, change positions for stimulation is equivalent to every aspect, so try several times, found favorite way, constant stimulation, will be able to achieve orgasm.