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What kind of woman who likes to use sex toys
- Mar 13, 2017 -

Open women
Because sex toys will make a lot of women become more Bohemian, so only some of the more liberal women who dare to try. Most Chinese women in sex is quite conservative, and they don't like to take the initiative, I feel very sorry. But in fact it's just a misunderstanding, use sex toys will increase sex pleasure, also enable the love between two people to heat up.
Confident woman
It takes a lot of courage for women to buy sex toys, especially those with low self-esteem of women may dare not try at all. Confident woman, absolutely confident you can let her boyfriend because of their careful preparation, and became more excited, this is what they want results. In fact, sex is not a shady business, having sex with his lover and not an illegal thing, no need to be so formal.
Wild woman
Some women like to try some new tricks, as long as it is good for two people having sex sex toys are willing to try, and was asked to try. Such women in their bed performances are also very men love it. Sometimes men prefer more passive in bed, so wild women more in line with their appetite.