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The Safety Principle Of Sex Toys
- Jun 09, 2017 -

  The safety principle of sex toys

  1. safety and health first

  To ensure that the quality of sex toys and specifications, choose the inspection of qualified couples, which is necessary to prevent damage to the conditions, the current sex products market, China's product quality is not guaranteed, the purchase of special attention to product quality. In addition, the sex toys can be used repeatedly, after the use of sex should pay attention to clean and disinfected for later use, to prevent the unclean and cause infection.

  If you prefer to use fun condoms, then first of all to consider each other on the condoms on the material allergy; and then consider whether the suit is suitable for you, sex movement will break, if the use of ultra-thin, and their own action is very intense, it is recommended to wear Double layer; if the use of times slip series, it is recommended with shock ring, guard sets off.

  2. emotional communication can not be less

  Sex toys can only be used as an auxiliary means, and can not replace the emotional exchange between the two sides, nor long-term use of fun drugs, but can not use sex toys as a means of improving sexual life. To know that there is no emotional basis of sex life can not only improve the quality, but also lead to the reduction of emotional exchange between the two sides, weaken or even separate, causing each other's resentment or disgust, so sexual dissonance or sexual dysfunction worse.

  3. Common willingness to use

  Sex when the use of couples supplies, what kind of fun supplies, when to use, the use of frequency and so need both sides to negotiate good, and not self-assertion, only in the premise of both sides can be used. If the two sides agree to the use of adult supplies, but in the course of the use of each other feel uncomfortable, it should stop using, so as not to hurt the body of the lover.