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There Are Two Major Categories Of Sex Toys
- Jun 09, 2017 -

  There are two major categories of sex toys: one is "real" category. Fast hair necessities, including massage sticks, in vitro massage, male masturbation, lock fine ring, sheep eye socket, lubricants, functional condoms, vaginal gel ... ... are "real level" sex spices. These supplies can be directly added to the fun, for some people urgently need to "wake up the spirit of love" people, this may have become a necessity.

  The other is visual faction. Suitable for "heavy taste", S (Sadism sexual abuse), M (Masochism abuse), SM supplies as the name suggests, is used for sexual abuse of the props. This type of road with leather lingerie, imitation leather whip, handcuffs, low temperature candles, nipple clasp, etc., are vivid but not powerful visual sent SM props.

  The role of sex toys are three: First, the treatment to improve sexual function; Second, increase sexual life; Third, to meet the special circumstances of sexual needs. In the reproductive science, the fear of sexually transmitted diseases, the unconditional married, long-term or solitary, strong sexual desire, husband and wife sex life did not enjoy, male impotence, female cold patients, husband and wife sick or disabled Sexual life, can be used to stimulate sexual stimulation to achieve orgasm, access to meet.

  "The role of sexual appliances should be given the correct evaluation of the correct use of it, can achieve the role of masturbation, self-treatment." When people because of psychological, physical and other issues can not be normal completion of sexual intercourse, should not be negative, inaction attitude to avoid This demand, but should be through the genitals outside the body parts, drugs or sexual appliances and other help to complete sexual activity.

  Many people buy sex toys because they want to try new tricks, in the alternative sex love to explore their own and sexual partners potential, most of the disease has nothing to do, "everyone has a special form of stimulating sex, Disease is irrelevant.As for whether the injury to the body, as long as the abuse, and occasionally to stimulate the points are also not a bad idea.