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9 Questions About Sex Toys
- Oct 09, 2017 -

Sex toys is a good thing to help men and women can better enjoy sex life. Sex toys can make people enjoy the climax and pleasure of good toys, in the face it does not need to be shy, it is healthy and happy little gadgets.

1, fun supplies may cause frigidity?

Truth: of course not, the right to use sex toys but will make sex more harmonious.

An important purpose of buying and using sex toys is to make sex more harmonious, while allowing yourself to experience the best sexual pleasure, as long as the right and correct use of sex toys, the body is no harm. Of course, if you are not properly used, it will bring harm to the body, so after you buy, if you can not use to ask clearly Oh.

2, fun supplies will be addictive?

Truth: addiction means some kind of injury. But the use of sex toys will not bring you harm (as long as the correct use).

Although some people may be dependent on the habit of using sex toys, but you do not need to force to quit, anyone can easily return to masturbation or sexual partners do not use sex toys sex life.

3, women do not need sex with a man?

Truth: If you just want to solve the physiological needs of the words, the use of sex toys can play a certain role, but still can not replace the people Oh

Sex toys do not embrace you or tell you how much he loves you, nor will you give you a big hug when you do not have a sense of security and become your most reliable patron. There are a lot of men are more afraid of women use sex toys, because the fear of women feel that they are not "strong" or can not meet her.

4, fun supplies to two people with better?

Truth: this misunderstanding is simply a single dog red fruit fruit discrimination ah, those who do not have a partner how to live it?

Of course, maybe this misunderstanding of the people rarely on the funny website it ~

5, sex toys so that sex is not natural?

Truth: We hear a lot about the incorrect statement of sex, one of which is natural sex means only physical contact.

If you use pencil and paper, is it not true that painting is not true? of course not. If we use tools or fun products to make it more interesting and will not let sex become unnatural, sex toys do not operate by the battery, but our imagination.

6, some fun things are good, some are not good?

Truth: In addition to those who may cause danger, sexually friendly products do not matter good bad.

Love supplies are entirely about how we use it. A massage stick may be too strong for someone, but may be perfect for another person. The trick is to find the fun products for you. Most sex toys are some people like, some people do not like.

7, the more expensive the fun thing the better?

Truth: A price of several hundred dollars of the mass of the massage stick may be thousands of massage sticks to bring you more pleasure.

Expensive sex supplies may be more durable or use a better material even better waterproof, but not necessarily make you feel better or bring you more fun.

Love supplies and many other commodities, the budget that can also play the same role, usually we need is to find their own.

8, fun supplies look very strange?

Truth: Weird and normal are relative.

Maybe you think it's uncomfortable to talk about these people in public, but as long as you realize that everyone is closing the door, it may be "weird" and your sex life will be happier and easier. Sex toys will not let sex become weird, can only show that you feel the pleasure is worth pursuing.

9, sex toys may bring harm to the body?

Truth: There is no evidence that sex toys will damage your sexual sensation or genitals.

Of course, if there is some danger of improper use, but it is like a bottle opener, no one because it may be used because of improper injury and throw away.