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The Main Categories Of Sex Toys
- Jun 09, 2017 -

  The main categories of sex toys

  Enhanced sexual stimulation

  Such as the glans of the glans (with a protruding stimulus elastic ring, fixed in the glans under the coronary sulcus), penis coat (multi-purpose silicone material, can 'increase, lengthen the' penis, with more protruding stimulus), with protrusions Stimulating condoms and so on. Their role is to increase, strengthen the stimulation of the vagina, so that women are more likely to achieve orgasm.


  Such sex products suitable for sexual excitement, or postmenopausal women. It can lubricate the vagina, reduce sexual discomfort or even pain. Sexuality is not enough, the spirit is too tight enough to fully stimulate the use of women is also very appropriate to use, it makes women easy to adapt to the insertion of the penis. A lot of lubricant will also add to stimulate the composition of women, become a partial interest of the special products.

  Masturbation category fun supplies

  There are male and female utensils, for some lack of sexual partners men and women they are a good substitute. We have already said that sexual impulses are an energy, and it is better to suppress it as if it has a suitable way to release it. Therefore, this kind of sexually explicit goods (sex supplies) really help the couple to use the two places, Yes, now the sale of female products, mainly men.

  Fun underwear

  Love underwear belongs to sex toys, is to allow visual stimulation and sex combination of a product, is the material life of mankind to meet the spiritual needs of the product. The domestic interest underwear more precisely the name should be fun dress, is between the underwear and clothing products. And many of the same sex toys, sexy underwear in Europe and the United States and other countries is already a very common product, but in the domestic sexy lingerie in the past two years was gradually accepted by the public. Can be expected, with the improvement of domestic material life, sexy underwear, will gradually go to the ordinary people home. Love underwear is a derivative of underwear, different from conventional underwear, its focus tends to "sexy", the formation of visual stimulation, so as to achieve a variety of physical sensory stimulation.

  Other sex toys

  Such as the increase of sex fun supplies, sex supplies, some special interest in the fun of supplies, such as the abuse of sm supplies, sexy underwear and so on.