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Adult Sex Toys Can Be Divided Into Five Categories
- Jul 05, 2017 -

  Adult sex toys can be divided into five categories

  According to the characteristics of adult sex supplies and the use of different methods, can be divided into five categories:

  The first type of adult sex supplies

  Are those items that are used for direct export or typing. They are mainly: solid doll inflatable doll (dildo), sex toys (sex toy) and vibrator (vibrator) these three things.

  Solid doll is made of pure silicone or pure medical soft material made of high degree of simulation, you can imitate a variety of human movements, sex toys small entities dolls are the whole person is silicone or soft material. Large solid dolls inside the metal skeleton, and people look like magic, physical dolls expensive, the general physical doll to thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. Fixed body can not be folded collection.

  Inflatable doll is made of rubber or plastic materials, to create a try to imitate the real people, like a doll that something, usually blowing with the gas. And then in the corresponding parts to create or install some imitation of the vagina, breast, mouth, anus or penis, sex toys so that buyers can and inflatable dolls "sexual behavior." Some inflatable dolls also add hair, lubrication or oscillation equipment and so on.

  The defibrillator is generally intended to be used in a variety of artificial products that mimic the penis, those that can be oscillating and vibrating by the motor. There are also some of the vibrator also attached to the oscillation and stimulate the clitoris and anus of sexual supplies. The word "defibrillator" comes from the kind of "oscillator" used in the mixing of concrete. In order not to be confused, the article for sexual use should be called "defibrillator".

  The second category of adult sex supplies

  Are those that primarily play a complementary role or protective effect on sexual activity. The most common is a variety of lubricants, can be directly used for plug-in sexual intercourse, caress those delicate sexual sensitive parts, sexual sense of the massage and so on. sex toys If the condom is used as a "condom" for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS, it can also be counted as an adult product.

  The third category of adult sex supplies

  Is a variety of sexy underwear, for the body and sex organs of the decorations and cosmetics. The most common is the fur or leather bra, triangular pants, pajamas, garter, sex toys even the chest belt and so on.

  The fourth category of adult sex supplies

  Is a variety of items used to strengthen the direct physical stimulation, mainly needle, whip, handcuffs, chains, rope, lock, flails and so on. They generally do not cause serious harm to the flesh, can be used for those who have sexual abuse or abuse of men and women tend to use, but also for the general person as a means of strengthening sexual stimulation.

  The fifth category of adult sex supplies

  Is a variety of sexual tools for the treatment of a variety of sexual disorders and sexual difficulties, with the nature of sexual tools (sexual tools). The essential difference between "tool" and "toy" is that the tool is mainly used to solve the various aspects of people's difficulties, sex toys and must have the desired effect. While the toy is any person can be used to play the supplies, does not have a standard effect.