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Choose Reliable Sex Toys
- Nov 06, 2017 -

Use of sex toys, be sure to choose a reliable, quality clearance. The best choice of high-profile products, in order to have quality assurance. After use should pay attention to the maintenance of sex toys, stored in a clean, dry container inside, and regular disinfection to ensure hygiene.

Choose the three principles of sex toys

1, the principle of prevention of injury: To ensure the quality and specifications of adult products, choose the couple tested by the qualified supplies, which is necessary to prevent injury, the current sex toys market, product quality is not guaranteed, the purchase of special attention to product quality. In addition, the erotic products can repeatedly use, after use should pay attention to cleaning and disinfection for later use to prevent infection caused by unclean.

2, pay attention to the emotional principle: adult products can only be used as a supplementary means, and can not replace the emotional exchanges between the two sides, nor long-term use of adult medicines, but can not use adult products as an essential means to improve sexual life. You know, no emotional basis of sexual life can not only improve the quality of sexual, but also lead to the reduction of emotional exchanges between the two sides, weakening or even separation, causing each other's disgust or dislike, so that sexual disharmony or sexual dysfunction worse.

3, the two sides agree with the principle: whether the use of husband and wife supplies, what kind of adult products to use, when to use, the frequency of use requires mutual consultation, rather than make their own assertions, only in the premise of mutual recognition can be used. If the two sides agree to use adult products, but in the course of the other party does not feel comfortable, it should be discontinued, so as not to harm the lover's body.

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