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Classification Of Sex Toys
- Oct 19, 2017 -

sex toys include: adult inflatable dolls, adult simulation equipment, adult massage sticks, adult remote control butterfly, sm sex, homosexual supplies, sexy underwear, sexy stockings, sexual perfume, contraceptive pregnancy, human body lubricants, oral / When the stimulation of sensitive parts of the potion and so on.

1, adult inflatable doll

And men's adult products in the "inflatable doll", the female supplies are also "adult inflatable doll" such products can be based on some of the world famous men and women star body casting, not only looks "handsome", there is a 1: 1 Body, realistic color and shape, overflowing fragrance, real moaning, easy to use the tight support of men and women, feel like a real pleasure.

2, adult simulation equipment

Most of the use of medical soft made, feels soft and smooth, a wide range of colors, divided into male pen and female female inverted buttocks die. Can be manual, sex toys but also with the battery with a vibration function. The price is slightly more expensive will automatically rotate or have a telescopic clip suction function, vibration intensity and amplitude can be adjusted arbitrarily; some wall mounted with elastic meat beads, in order to achieve the best stimulus effect; and even some also equipped with Small massager can be used while stimulating female sensitive areas.

More special simulation tools also take into account the convenience of the use of places, such as men use a small genus inverted mold, travel travel is easy to use. There is a bottom with a sucker can be used in the bathtub and so on more let women feel warm and relaxed place; and the bottom with a stretch airbag "riding music" can be used for sitting, bring greater autonomy.

3, adult massage sticks

Massage sticks with easy to carry features for men and women cheek earlobe chest vaginal vaginal anus or even the soles of the foot massage, diverse styles, arbitrary.

4, adult remote control butterfly

It is not only in the butterfly-shaped contact with female sensitive areas, but also in the effective 30 degrees angle, 8 meters away from the use of remote control switch, sex toys and the use of wear-style design, can be firmly wear on the body, so that both Where you can enjoy pleasure.

5, sm sex abuse

Such products can be divided into several kinds of such as whip skin clap handcuffs goggles and wearing supplies.

6, homosexual supplies

With the growing awareness and understanding of homosexuals, more and more people are beginning to accept this phenomenon, there are many secret homosexual places in the big cities, sex toys some adult products meet the needs of different needs of the crowd, such as Women with double-headed dragon and a variety of backstage and other supplies.

7, sexy underwear

Mainly reflected in the underwear color style highlights the sexy. Has a strong visual impact.

8, contraceptive pregnancy test

A variety of brand of condoms everything, you can buy with their own preferences.

9, the human body lubricant

Flirting product variety Many perfume spray massage, such as: caterpillars finger sets, etc. Lubricating products in the elderly consumption more.

10, magnetic shrinking ball

Pregnancy, childbirth, sexual intercourse and make the vagina relaxation weakness of women, sex toys you can use the type of product with the movement to achieve the effect of physical shade.