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Common Classification Of Sex Doll
- Jun 22, 2017 -

  Common Classification of sex doll

  One, ordinary sex doll inflatable molding, inflatable volume close to adult size, the body is relatively soft, flexible, but the skin is hard plastic skin, the body and limbs are relatively round, can not show the human body aesthetic feeling, the shape is relatively rough, can only approximate the structure of the person.

  Second, the whole doll body is solid, can be made of TPR materials and silicone rubber, body and human skin very similar, head and body type and real person close.

  sex doll Usage Precautions

  The role of sex doll while seemingly reducing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, the same can be contagious if more than one sex doll is used, and the disinfection is not strict. Therefore, it is advisable to use "sex doll" as their own exclusive use.

  Choose sex doll Inflatable Use, do not feel comfortable and filled into full, so if the force is too large, it is easy to cause the bursting of the doll, the proposal to 80% degrees can be.

  After using the sex doll, in order to keep the body no hollow, it is recommended to use the inflatable tube to suck out the body gas, so that it is compressed into a thin layer, in case of the next re-use.