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Common Interest
- Mar 13, 2017 -

Oscillator--this type of oscillator also known as Jian Wei Simulator can be divided into two categories of men and women. Initially production mainly to the penis, clitoris sensitive parts, such as providing vibration stimulation, only simple functions of high frequency oscillation, usually 80 Hz, that is, providing 80 times per second high frequency stimulation. Current oscillator function has been greatly improved, in addition to oscillating function, there are many functions such as stretching, rocking, spinning, creeping. In addition, the material has a very big change, with real meat. Male vibrator into the vagina, the new instruments and small size, good texture, helps to treat patients with no ejaculation ejaculation disorders; to some extent, can help premature ejaculation, impotence patients recover their sexual function. In addition, in the absence of normal sex sexual partners and can be used for masturbation. Female vibrator made from penis-shaped, to some extent, can help stimulate a woman's orgasm, sexual desire to treat frigidity; or when male impotence, women to achieve sexual satisfaction.
RS-the sheep's eyes, Crystal sets, special condoms, long for the female condom has enhanced stimulation or extend male sex role, or a combination of two functions.
Lubrication – various lubricants can help women (especially women) the problem of insufficient lubrication of the vagina, to ensure smooth sex has a lot of help. Should pay attention to selection of the chemical activity of water soluble lubricant-free so as not to join the drug affected the growth of normal vaginal flora, but the propagation of pathogens.