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Good At Endurance Running Men Attract Women
- Mar 13, 2017 -

Study says running strong men are likely in the fetal period had been stimulated by high levels of testosterone in the womb, which makes them not only has more heart and lung function, there is a stronger libido and higher quality sperm. From ancient times to the present, these men have been women as ideal partners.
In this regard, the study's lead author, University of Cambridge, Department of biology, human Danni·LANGMAN (Danny Longman), explained that, in the era of ancient gatherer, persistence hunting is the primary sources for human food. So women are more willing to select a running mate men of high durability. In addition, a durable hunting players also tend to have excellent wisdom and dedication, which is one reason they all women.
The research team also found that is good at long distance running men's ring finger is longer. Scientists have now confirmed that the ring finger longer than their index fingers relatively higher levels of testosterone in men. Such people are usually very outgoing personality, charm and musical talent, but also more likely to be sentenced to life in prison, or were murdered.