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How To Choose The Right Sex Toy
- Mar 13, 2017 -

1, condom, you buy if you happen to notice that according to their own situation, be sure to apply their own, can't see what's on sale discount, buy can not be used, it is not wasted, a brand of condoms, for example, how old is applicable, so it is important to choose a suitable.
2, when choosing a sex toy, want excitement or cheap, and ignore the importance of material, or easy to sex toys quality accidents or physical damage to you and your partner. Such as male rings used for too long, can cause cell necrosis, prostatic diseases and so on. In addition, vibrators or men's ring with weak material, prone to break or fall off, so when you purchase must be considered to avoid backfire!
Second, pay attention to what?
1, open the first bought sex toys, be sure to read product brochures, using methods and considerations, particularly into the body sex toys, it is important to understand whether the items waterproof category, manual or electric or other purposes, as well as how to use.
2, the use of sex toys, and when it comes to good health. That is enjoying sex when should fit well, listless or ill, for example, is not recommended, do not get physical in order to enjoy a more serious, with physical feelings. Using sex toys is just one couple lives assisted.