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How To Choose To Use Sex Products
- Jul 18, 2017 -

  How to choose to use sex products

  Symptoms: Erectile difficulties or penile weakness

  Auxiliary tools: penis negative pressure booster device

  Efficacy and methods: the plastic tube cover firmly against the root of the penis, repeated squeeze negative pressure ball, the penis will gradually congestion and reach the erection state. And then by releasing the tube cover or twist negative pressure ball valve deflated, sex products restore the status quo, and then repeat the pump gas, repeated exercise ten times a day, to restore penile erection or strong function helpful.

  Recommendation: in the young and vigorous period should be used often to help boil to promote blood circulation, exercise penis, to achieve a strong purpose.

  Symptoms: rather than hard, sexual intercourse weakness

  Auxiliary tools: help boilers to help Bo ring

  Efficacy and method: With the help of negative pressure to help the penis erection, and then the accompanying compression belt quickly from the end of the tube cover down, sex products moved to the penis root, remove the plastic tube, you can sexual intercourse. If you do not use compression tape, you can choose to help bo and so on.

  It is recommended that the time of the compression of the band or the beam of the penis should not be more than 30 minutes. About 37% of the people will have penile edema, pain and discomfort when starting to use. Individuals have subcutaneous bleeding. There is pain, some people can not ejaculate.

  Symptoms: Sexually cold vaginal disuse sexual atrophic sexual desire is not satisfied

  Auxiliary Tools: Oscillator (Female Relievers)

  Efficacy and methods: imitation penis-shaped or plastic hard shell-shaped oscillator, sex products is a kind of enhanced arousal of the tool. By inserting the vagina to imitate sexual intercourse or massage the clitoris and perineum sexual stimulation, can make women faster to orgasm.

  Recommendation: to promote the secretion, to maintain the vagina and the muscles around the stretch, to avoid the vagina due to waste atrophy produce frigidity.

  Symptoms: premature ejaculation

  Auxiliary tools: thickening condoms, anesthetics, aromatherapy

  Efficacy and methods: due to certain diseases such as prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, or because the glans are too sensitive, but also because of tension, fatigue, excitement and other factors caused by premature ejaculation.

  Symptoms: sexual indifference spasm

  Auxiliary Tools: Rose Aromatherapy

  Efficacy: due to work life pressure, sexual life is not harmonious, a certain age of women, will produce indifferent, endocrine disorders, intercourse spasm (pain) embolism. sex products Showing the need for sex life or slow, caused by the spiritual factors of such problems.

  Recommendation: the use of natural therapy, rose aroma is gradually popular in recent years, a kind of aphrodisiac method, because the pure rose aroma oil has a complete force. Of course, its aphrodisiac is also due to people, because the environment, because the atmosphere, because of the object and different