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How To Use Sex Toys
- Oct 09, 2017 -

How to use sex toys

Although people are more and more receptive to the fun products, but many people for the sex toys and the use of awareness is not correct, should be aware of the following points.

1 control the use of fun supplies time. Because the use of time is too long, may cause harm to the human body, so much more harm than good.

2 do not choose too tight fun dress. Wear too tight fun dress, will bring skin damage, but also make the blood circulation blocked, the body can not get fresh oxygen.

3 with some contact with the skin or body of sex toys, remember to disinfect. Only need to use ordinary concentration of alcohol cotton can be wiped, do not use high concentrations of alcohol, the skin or the body will cause harm.

4 to avoid high temperature disinfection fun products, it is best to use professional supplies disinfectant for cleaning, or boil open with warm water to clean.

5 condoms can only be used once, can not be used many times, in the use of time, first pinch the condom seal, squeeze out the air inside, or wear it directly, then there is air inside, may not achieve contraceptive effect The

6 to control the frequency of using the fun tool. May be in the initial use of the stage will feel good, pleasure will be very obvious, sex toys but after frequent use is easy to numb, pleasure will be diminished. Affect future life.

7 do not indiscriminate use of lubricants. Do not rub in the breast and lower body, may cause allergies. If the body is indeed the lack of lubricating fluid, sex toys then you can use the appropriate point, to choose a regular business products.