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Husband And Wife Sex Toys How To Use It
- Oct 09, 2017 -

Husband and wife sex toys how to use it

In the use of sex life in the husband and wife, to a certain extent, help to improve the quality of life of couples, to add happiness to the couple's life, sex toys especially married couples for many years to gradually desalination into the excess love, the appropriate use of more appropriate Can bring freshness, love the world once again full of passion, but also can bring positive health effects. The use of couples sex toys to pay attention to what, we went on to understand:

First, the use of Note:

1, open just bought the sex toys, be sure to look at the product brochures, understand the use of methods and precautions, especially into the body of sex toys, be sure to understand whether the items waterproof, manual or electric or other purposes, And how to use it.

2, the use of sex toys, the best choice when the physical condition is good. When the physical condition is not good, such as sick, cold, stay up all night, local pain, poor mood ... ... recommended not to use, do not force yourself, conform to the feelings of the body. The use of sex toys is only a kind of swap life of the couple.

PS: to understand this fun thing is used where, do not misplaced place. If the wrong place, the effect may not be right.

Second, buy

1, condoms, when the purchase must pay attention to the size of the purchase and the function must be applied to their own, not because some products in the discount on what to buy does not apply to their own, such as a brand of condoms are applicable to 20 years old The following, sex toys so choose a suitable for their own very important.

2, fun products to buy, can not blindly seek to stimulate or cheap, and ignore the important material, or easy to cause the quality of the accident caused by the accident or damage to your body and your partner. For example, male rings used for too long, can lead to cell necrosis, prostate disease and so on. In addition, the poor quality of the massage stick or male collar, prone to break or fall off the situation, sex toys so the purchase must be multi-consideration, it will not be self-defeating!

Third, the use of husband and wife sex supplies to use lubricants

Such as the use of husband and wife sex supplies for a long time, men and women will produce excessive friction caused by a variety of swelling and pain, inflammation, and even serious harm to health. The use of lubricants, by effectively reducing friction, can best solve this problem, sex toys so that you can enjoy the fun for a long time without fear of harming reproductive health.

Four, clean

As most of the sex toys will be directly in contact with the sexual organs, so in the clean health, the need for extra care. If it is not a one-time sex supplies, it should be used after each use, clean, if the application of silicone is less than 80 ℃ warm water clean naturally dry; and into the body of sex toys, to match the insurance Set of use.