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Main Use Of Sex Products
- Jul 05, 2017 -

  Main use of sex products

  Long-term abstinence leads to mental retardation, trauma and, if there are other factors, causes neurosis and other neurological disorders.

  Sex products in today's thinking, the economy is in the reform and opening up of China, known as sexual treatment equipment, is clearly highlighting its role as a restorative function of the side, while in the Western countries are commonly known as sex toys, mainly emphasize its very entertaining side. The difference of address is to fully embody the characteristics of the sex products, the correct use of it, can achieve the role of amuse, masturbation, self-healing.

  Sexually transmitted diseases are used to release sexual desire without contacting the opposite sex.

  For those who are unconditionally married, who have long gone out or are living alone, they can provide sexual enjoyment. Avoid prostitutes Suping.

  Strong libido, sexual partners can not be satisfied when the release of excess performance and not engage in extramarital affairs, thereby stabilizing the marriage.

  Male impotence, women with cold feeling can be used for induction or treatment of sexual products.

  When a spouse is sick or maimed, widowed and unable to perform sex, adult supplies are masturbation tools.

  Couples can not enjoy their sexual life, the use of adult supplies stimulation, assistance, reach orgasm.

  Help to improve the quality of sexual life of couples. Poor sexual function can be strongly stimulated by adult supplies, the impact of threshold value, reach orgasm, achieve sexual satisfaction.

  Most of the adult supplies have contraception, and the use of sex products can prevent unplanned births and reduce the number of people who have been reborn.

  Types of products include: sex equipment (male supplies, female supplies), sexual function enhancer, entertainment supplies.