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Proper Use Of Sex Toys
- Mar 13, 2017 -

For example, male compound is vacuum constriction device (VCD), Manual vacuum aspiration, hyperemia of the penis in the sleeve, and with a rubber ring compressed penis, stop venous return and make the penis to maintain an erection can help erectile difficulties in men having sex, but still maintain an erection after ejaculation, but time cannot exceed 30 minutes. Such as hanging, sheep circles in yuhuan sex toys, penis through oppression, exposed more of the penis, increase the stimulation of the female clitoris sites, enhanced sexual function.
Body massage, masturbation device for men and women is increased sexual stimulation, or living alone solve the sexual urge. Worth noting is that SexToy.Pink sex toy to master methods, attention to disinfection to prevent equipment damage. Sex toys use to advantage, not frequent use of sex toys stimulating organs, so as not to affect the normal physiological function. In addition, family sex toys has little effect, therefore, sexual dysfunction, patients must first seek regular hospital for rehabilitation. Functional groups, as long as not seeking unusually excessive sexual stimulation, proper use of sex toys, not only can improve sexual satisfaction, but also to promote reproductive health. I believe that how to use sex toys we already have a very clear answer to this question, in the hope that a lot of attention to disinfection!!