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Prospect Of Adult Products To Join
- Mar 13, 2017 -

With the progress of social civilization, material living standards and the rapid development of civilization, adult products has grown in leaps and bounds, is accepted by the 90% adults over. The mood of "warm your lust". When the people's living standards improve, thoughts are a step change. In 83% of male adult has a buying experience. Rapid development of the market, adult products is growing at a rate of 63% per year, based on expert analysis and data show that in 15 years there will still maintain high-speed development.
According to the professional departments of statistics and survey of adult products with annual sales had reached tens of billions of, of which condom only reach tens of billions Yuan. China's large population, adults accounted for more than 70%. This is the infinite business opportunities.
Many requirements are gradually improving people's living standards, is no longer for life and fill the stomach trouble; but worried how can the quality of life better; adult products plays a crucial role at this time. In recent years, China and now, in an economic downturn, however, adult products industries are both of the fast moving consumer goods and health care products industries maintained a strong momentum of development.