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Rechargeable Sex Toy How To Use A Sex Toy Will Have Damage To The Body
- Mar 13, 2017 -

1. (before use): can be used directly after cleaning, or directly using 1% before using the new er Jie-Yin lotions scrubbing disinfection with alcohol or 75%, and apply a small amount of lubricant, use with condoms is better.
2. (in use): can be used directly or can be heated or frozen, if you want to enjoy the feeling of warm, crystal glass soaking in warm water can be 1-5 minutes; if you want to be sexy of trembling, crystal glass can be placed in ice water or in the refrigerator for a few minutes to enjoy.
3. (after use): using ordinary cleaning fluid mixed with water for cleaning items, using a soft brush or hand washed, then rinse with clean out dry, half-dry with a soft towel to wipe clean, do not leave water and fingerprints. Note: don't wait to dry and then wipe the water, because the water will leave a watermark must be dry when you rub, if you want to make the Crystal products lighter, 2-3 hours after cleaning place the Sun, sunlight more brightly after.
However, masturbation devices not be used long-term. Because the masturbation devices will be more harmful to the body. Long-term use of masturbation will make a lot of congestion on the genitals.