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Sex Products Are Mostly Made Of Silicone Material
- Nov 06, 2017 -

Silicone HY-968 is a two-component addition-type heating or room temperature vulcanization silicone rubber. This product is a colorless or flesh-colored oily liquid. After vulcanization, it becomes a soft elastic material and can be used for making products like human body, human body, Chest pads, patches, SMT self-adhesive patch, shoulder pads, non-slip mat and other flexible silicone rubber products.

Human Silicone Features: Temperature range of -65 ℃ - 200 ℃, long-term use and maintain its soft and flexible properties, with excellent electrical and chemical stability, water, ozone resistance, weather aging, with physiological inertia, no corrosion Sexual, non-toxic and tasteless, low line shrinkage, easy to operate and so on.

Usage: A, B components by 1: 0.95-1.05 mixed evenly, after the vacuum degassing can be irrigated, the operating time depending on the temperature (0.5-3) H, vulcanization time (room temperature) 12-24H, plus Temperature 80-120 ° C in a few minutes curing. Quick-drying room temperature operating time is less than 20 minutes, curing time of 1 hour. According to user needs with red, yellow and other colors.

Note: Silica gel is a platinum catalyst, water, impurities, organotin catalysts, acids, alkalis and other organic matter containing sulfur, phosphorus and nitrogen can affect the curing of the glue. Do not mix in or touch these substances when using.

Adult supplies demand crowd

The first category: young people who have no sexual experience are curious about sex because they have never experienced sexual intercourse, because they have many curious things that they have never seen before and many curiosities will be used Adult appliances to experience the feeling.

The second category: the use of sex products: people who work long-term outside work in the field or on business, partners are not around, but do not want to happen with the opposite sex, but also use a group of sex products. Long-term sailing seafarers, long-term single miners, geologists who have long been engaged in field operations, etc., sex toys can also play a key role in reconciling, as both husband and wife are likely to be in need of sex supplies, often in a separated situation.

The third category: no fresh people sex life: Many people think that between husband and wife will not use these things, in fact, sex products can enhance sexual pleasure between husband and wife, such as: assistive devices, supplies and so on. A 40-year-old buyer said: "married a long time, the couple life boring, want to use this can bring freshness to life, but also help to increase the feelings of the couple, will not make sex life boring"

The fourth category: the use of sex products: people who do not like sexuality due to differences in the physiological structure of men and women in men's sexual life quickly finished and the woman has not reached orgasm, the woman can help adults reach orgasm to make up for The man caused by the unhappy; there is a case of male sexual desire is stronger, while the woman is sexually cold, so the man can also use sexual masturbation appliances to address sexual needs, there are women take the initiative to buy such products to her boyfriend.

Fifth category: elderly couples with age, the decline in sexual function is an inevitable thing, but does not mean that the elderly can not live sex, the body into the elderly but sexual function is still there, so do not ignore the elderly There are also sexual needs. Many elderly men in their 70s and 80s still can make their young wives pregnant, while older women are able to live sexually despite having lost their reproductive function. Therefore, as long as they maintain a good attitude and establish a life-style corresponding to their age, the elderly can also enjoy the happiness brought by sex products.

Sixth category: People with disabilities are a blessing to people with disabilities. Some are not married for various reasons, especially those with disabilities. Since many people with disabilities can not live a normal sexual life, and although they have physical disabilities, their physical needs and No slightest reduction. With the adult supplies emulator to meet the physiological needs.