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Sex Products Is A Double-edged Sword
- Aug 14, 2017 -

  sex products is a double-edged sword - can not completely replace the partner

  sex products is actually a double-edged sword, it is to improve our sexual ability at the same time, there can not really replace the sexual partners. Although he can give us a different degree of sexual pleasure and orgasm, can also release our desire to ease the pressure and anxiety. But it is only after all the auxiliary tools only, is not completely replace the partner, but can not replace the caress between the companions and gentle.

  The use of sex products should be enough

  Do not be too frequent use of sexual supplies, so as not to lead to physical "sexual excitement" decreased sensitivity, sexual arousal will be more and more difficult. Long-term, regular use of sexual supplies, and some excessive pursuit of stimulation, pleasure and selection of those strange sex products, and long-term excessive excitement and strong stimulation, resulting in the body has become accustomed to strong stimulation, but the general sexual stimulation Reaction, must be more than once to stimulate a more exaggerated, violent to let the body excited.

  The choice of sex products is very important - choose the right sex products for your use

  The choice of sex products is very important, remember Xiao Bian had previously shared how to choose a good sex products. Here to remind two points, one to choose the brand, the second is to choose a high reputation platform to buy. Do not for cheap, save that money, free to choose a sex products. In the face of the market bizarre sex products, sex goods experts to remind people, must choose those qualified, high-quality high-quality products, if a certificate, soft texture, smooth surface, after the cause to be clean, and regular disinfection to ensure health. sex products only for individuals and partners to use, not to borrow or transfer; can not be placed in the dark damp or children to see and get the place. Purchase from the brand, the quality of the price, functional use, service reputation and other aspects to judge.