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Sex Products Misunderstanding
- Jul 18, 2017 -

  sex products misunderstanding

  Misunderstanding 1:

  Adult supplies are for those sluts, too strong sex products desire and other people are not normal use, under normal circumstances, the use of those toys who are certainly not normal, sex experts said: In fact, a variety of people are in use, Including very normal people, but you do not know nothing more. With adult toys will not let you metamorphosis, will only bring you a better climax to enhance the quality of life of the two, better promote the relationship between husband and wife.

  Misunderstanding 2:

  Only to meet the masturbation, sex experts said: In most cases, adult use alone, but many couples also like to use together. You use it together, does not mean that you have wrong, on the contrary, willing to use, only that your relationship is more open, more comfortable, more trust each other.

  Misunderstanding 3:

  If you decide to use, will make your partner mentally sensitive and guilty.

  Sex experts say: many people will be such a concern that adult supplies will hurt the feelings of passers-by. This is understandable. Think, every time a huge vibrator with your climax, for those who will be uncomfortable psychological. Toys can bring you a climax, but can not give you caress, so it can not replace the partner, if your lover has this concern, you want to communicate with him slowly, careful communication.


  With adult supplies will hurt the body.

  Sexologist said: completely wrong. In fact, adult products can bring sex products health with the positive effect. For example, menopausal women can use adult toys to maintain vaginal elasticity, to avoid incontinence and common disease. Some doctors will also recommend adult toys to non-climax women. sex products health gears in general health, the use of adult toys can improve the body's feelings of the organs, so that the body is more sensitive to some discomfort.

  Sex life immutable, easy to become "derailment" excuse. So now on the bold attempt to a variety of auxiliary it, so that sex is no longer monotonous!

  Whether it is sexy clothing, silk sheets, sex literature, toys or aphrodisiac, sex products support equipment is used to strengthen your sex products contact items.