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Sex Toys Manufacturers To Tell You Men And Women Health Knowledge
- Aug 01, 2017 -

  Sex toys manufacturers to tell you men and women health knowledge

  Female health care

  You have to know that the vaginal secretions are healthy, the normal secretions with a unique smell, it is harmless, and every month will change with time. Every half of the menstrual cycle, that is, when your ovulation period, the vagina will have colorless transparent sticky secretions, until the next menstruation before the start, it gradually become more white, and was thick.

  You should note that its color is yellowing, green, and even with a stench, or vagina feel itching, these symptoms that have problems, it is possible vaginal infection micro-bacteria, you have to see a doctor.

  Despite the cleanliness of the genitals, wash your soft soap and wash sooner or later, it is best to avoid the use of hard sofas, lotions, and ton powder because the ingredients are likely to cause vaginal infections. Very popular use of genital deodorant or vaginal lavage, in fact, these things are not necessary, and the use of improper I am afraid there will be problems.

  When you go to the toilet, it is best to use tissue paper to wipe the urine on the toilet clean, so as not to bring you uncomfortable and disease infection. When the large number should be wiped away from the front of the anus, which is to prevent bacterial invasion of the vagina caused by infection.

  Menstruation to pay attention to frequent replacement of sanitary napkins, at least four times a day, during which you better than usual to be more diligent in the shower.

  Male health care

  Did not do the circumcision of the penis, the inner layer of the foreskin will produce white rat-like material, known as the "skin scale", if allowed to accumulate and not clean, will be like "from the" general smell, This is also the main cause of bacterial infection. The way to prevent is to push the foreskin every day, with a soft soap will be thoroughly washed penis. In addition, have been cut off the foreskin, will also generate trace of skin scale, so they should also keep the penis clean.

  There are a lot of people, especially girls, are very concerned about their own body will have a taste, but also fear that partners will be scared away. In fact, it is the wrong idea that a healthy vagina does have a unique smell, especially when it provokes sexual desire. This is not dirty, there is nothing wrong, even to attract the opposite sex. So, there is no need to go to bed before, especially for an hour, from head to toe scrub the body.

  Choose reliable sex toys

  The use of sex toys, we must choose a reliable, quality clearance. The best choice of high profile products in order to have quality assurance. After use, pay attention to the maintenance of sex toys, stored in a clean, dry container inside, and regular disinfection to ensure health.