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The Market Space For Sex Toys
- Oct 19, 2017 -

In China, before 1993, nobody cares about industry. Is about in 1993 before and after the emergence of the first domestic necessities store, the general public have the opportunity to witness the sexual appliances, sex toys and the like, and gradually understand it, accept it. And this situation in foreign countries, especially Europe and the United States and other developed countries, as early as two or three decades or even three or four decades, so abroad, like the oscillator of such sexual appliances than our country much more popular.

According to the professional statistics department survey data show that adult products with annual sales of up to 10 billion yuan, of which only condoms up to billions of dollars. With the rapid development of Chinese social material civilization and spiritual civilization, family planning supplies, sexual health supplies have been more than 93% of adults accepted. Of the male middle-aged people, 84% of people have experience in purchasing adult products. Adult goods market is growing at an annual rate of 63.9%, experts predict that with the gradual change of people's ideas, three to five years after China will enter the peak consumption of consumer goods.

Many radio stations across the country have opened a knowledge of the column, while the community to promote the various media, so that the rapid spread of knowledge, sex goods market with the rapid expansion. Humans need sex supplies, just as people need to drink water as usual. People gradually realize that the importance of sex in the sex life of husband and wife, some large shopping malls in the country also quietly appeared "husband and wife supplies" counter. China is a big country, large space, high profits are other goods can not match.

Consumers: Every man has used condoms, every woman may have contraceptive experience, in fact, from our contact when it is almost impossible to start using sex toys. The average life expectancy of our citizens is more than 70 years old, of which more than 60% of the time (45 years) may use this kind of goods, which is a huge market. If the people really understand and understand the sex toys, while protecting the privacy of consumers under the premise of providing services, this market will be amazing.

Operators: sex toys market has a huge space and potential, unfortunately, the current domestic adult operators are mostly in the small state of the trouble, the prevalence of a single species of goods, the price of chaos. We conducted a detailed investigation and study found that: more than 95% of the sex supplies stores are in the local purchase, purchase prices and types of goods are subject to great limitations. As sex toys is a class of more special goods, people are more taboo like to buy a regular daily necessities to choose to buy it. Can be the basic business of the basic shop are waiting for customers after the door, there is no way in the marketing efforts, a lot of potential consumers is due to the feeling of the purchase is not convenient or embarrassed to the store selection and give up.