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The Popularity Of Online Shopping For Adult Products Flying Wings
- Mar 13, 2017 -

Limitations of traditional sex toys market:
1. 95% more sex shops are in local purchase, purchase price and types of goods are subject to a lot of limitations.
2. sex toys are a special class of goods, it is also a taboo as if buying a common everyday items to buy it.
3. traditional businesses are mostly after opening the door, not in the marketing efforts, is because many potential consumers purchase is not convenient or embarrassed to go to the store to pick up, compared to 80% per cent of the adult online population.
Network brings opportunity to sex toys: online shopping forms a climate, the development and growth of the sex toy industry has laid a solid foundation, demand for online shopping for sex toys shopping privacy provides a good space, not only meet the demand, nor reveal any privacy. What are the advantages?
Enormous market for sex toys:
Each of the men used a condom, every woman can have contraceptive experience, in fact, from our contacts when it is almost impossible to avoid using sex toys. Our citizens ' average life expectancy is more than 70 years, which has more than 60% time (45) may be used to this kind of goods, which is a huge market. If we allow people to truly know and understand sex toys, as well as service on the premise of protecting consumer privacy, this market is going to be amazing.