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What Are The Sex Products Items In The Ancient Women's Room?
- Jul 18, 2017 -

  What are the sex products items in the ancient women's room?

  1, fun underwear

  This is an open crotch pants, but it is not for the incontinence of the people ad hoc, but the ancient bridal bridal chamber special supplies.

  As most of the ancient parents that marriage, the bride and groom in the bridal chamber in general have never seen each other, so the first time to meet when you want to strip the clothes is really embarrassing.

  The woman's parents to open the crotch pants as a dowry, sex products so that her daughter in the first intercourse when the wear, both can reduce the psychological barriers, but also allows the man in the first time, not because the woman stripped clothes feel too excited and premature ejaculation, or shy And difficult to normal play. Really painstakingly.

  You may not think of ancient sex supplies it, in fact, there are sex these products, but not so rich modern

  2, "Palace" porcelain

  Do not look at this small porcelain, sex products this is the mother pro-married woman dowry "pressure box at the end" object. What is this used? Open to see inside the large-scale men and women sex porcelain to know that this is used to allow women to learn between husband and wife bed between the first thing.

  (The original "Palace" porcelain which are some flap posture, the ancients really enough content)

  3, silver care child

  This is her family gave the new uncle's "gift", said the popular point is the woman to send the male masturbation. Some people are curious, married dowry get such a thing Gansha make it? If you can think of women every month inevitable menstruation, women pregnant after October men's hunger to understand.

  (This thing, I can not imagine how masculine masculine law, sex products compared to the current airplane cup is very far away in the era of progress so now the product is getting better)

  Silver care son is said to be the whole gold medal in the play the most important tool, but also the longest use of Simon's tools. In the novel, it is the use of silver care child is now no controversial, because there are still in kind. It can be seen that silver carrier as a kind of tool spread is both extensive and long-term.

  4, Mr. angle

  First said Mr. angle, a similar male penis masturbation device, a turtle edge, sex products engraved with thread, hollow, water can be heated. Qing Dynasty sex education book "meat futon" fifteenth back wrote: "is a great angle Mr., filling a belly roll water, plug into the".

  At that time, Mr. Cape can be openly selling the street when the street, like the adult shop now.