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What Is A Sex Product?
- Aug 14, 2017 -

  What is a sex product?

  Objects that can be used directly for sexual activity in the human body. Sex is a device that can help men and women overcome their sexual difficulties by masturbating or loving yourself, but they can accomplish sexual reactions as normal people do, but they are not omnipotent, they can only help cause or improve the excitability of the genitals. Items such as pornography for psychological activities and mental activities are not included.

  Sex products can be divided into 5 categories.

  ① sex toys are items that can directly stimulate human body initiation and enhance sexual stimulation. Includes sex dolls, consoles and massager.

  A sex doll is a rubber or plastic material such as, to create a try to imitate the real person, similar to the big doll things, generally with gas blowing up. Then create or install some imitation vagina, breast, mouth, anus or penis in the corresponding area so that the purchaser can have "sex" with the doll. Some dolls also include hair, lubrication or oscillating equipment.

  ② is primarily an accessory or protective material to sexual activity. The most common is a variety of lubricating fluids. If condoms are used as a "condom" for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS, it can also be considered as sex products.

  ③ Sexy lingerie and accessories and cosmetics for the body and genitals. The most common is fur or leather bra, triangular underwear, pajamas, garters, even chest belts.

  ④ strengthen the direct physical stimulation of the goods, mainly needles, whips, handcuffs, chains, ropes, locks, flail and so on. sex product They generally do not cause serious bodily harm and can be used by sexually abused or abused men and women (see sadism, masochism) or as an adjunct to enhanced sexual stimulation.

  ⑤ is used to assist in the treatment of multiple sexual disorders and sexual difficulties, a medical nature of sexual tools. The essential difference between "tools" and "Toys" in sex is that tools are mainly used to solve people's various sexual problems and have to have their own curative effects. And toys are things that anyone can use to play with, and they don't have the standard effect. All European and American countries that allow the sale of sex dolls, sex toys and massager are strictly regulated: these things can only be called toys, and the words "Toys" must be written out on the outer packaging, and no medical terminology or terms can be used. In particular, a variety of so-called "faster-feeling condoms", it must be clearly written: this is only a toy, not necessarily the role of contraception and disease prevention. The effect of this kind of thing, international academia and the medical profession still has a lot of controversy, but as the goods that sell openly, society should not only make such stipulation, and should try to stop the commercial people to use this illegal profiteering.

  Use of sex Products:

  Long-term abstinence leads to mental retardation, trauma and, if there are other factors, causes neurosis and other neurological disorders.

  Sexual devices in today's thought, the economy is in the reform and opening up of China, known as sexual treatment equipment, is obviously highlighting its role in the recovery function of the side, while in the Western countries are commonly known as sex toys, mainly emphasize its very entertaining side. The difference of address is the embodiment of the characteristics of the sex apparatus, the correct use of it, sex product can achieve the role of amuse, masturbation, self-healing.